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It’ll all be over soon: Rudy will be out before we know it!

Within the next week (perhaps the next 24 hours), Rudy Giuliani will fade from the national scene, hopefully for good. Today is the Florida primary and as expected, Giuliani’s strategy of focusing his attentions on a big win in that state, will be for naught.

Fellow New Yorker, John Zogby, the renowned pollster said of America’s Most Dangerous Candidate: “Giuliani is just not a factor”.

Thank God!

This blog has gone the way of so many blogs–sporadic postings and all. If it were my only blog, I suppose that would be a reflection of laziness, but since November I’ve seen the writing on the wall, that Rudolph Giuliani, the grand exploiter of the September 11 attacks, was running a campaign that was actually too stupid for the American public. There was only so far he could get running on the smoldering towers, and last week, when he released a commercial that actually had footage of the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center that received almost no attention, I knew for sure, Rudy wouldn’t make it at all.

The Daily News reported today that the pig would likely concede his campaign is a joke after the ass kicking he’s likely to receive today. On the off chance that he sticks around for Super Tuesday, it’s unlikely he’ll make it past next Wednesday! Hooray.

Yesterday, according to the article, Rudy the great exploiter, the sleezeball, shitbag, fuckhead, flew around the Sunshine State, landing briefly on tarmacs to be greated by only handfulls of reporters. I find that so hilarious. I have no sympathy for this man. He has acted like a pile of shit from Day One.

Now, what we’re left with in the Republican field is no good either. The most sensible candidate is it’s least electable (though fortunately Ron Paul did beat Rudy in two primaries). We have a right wing Bible thumping loon from the Deep South, who though certainly bearing a good heart, is not the man to be President. Then we have Mitt Romney, who has given no plan for our neccessary withdrawal from Iraq and he has no chance of beating the Democratic candidate. Finally, as I predicted before, it will be John McCain to win the nomination. This man would leave behind a decent legacy if only he would stop pandering to the crowd that thinks we’ve gained anything by committing ourselves to a third world country that hates us. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. He was right about the troop surge, but what does that mean? It just means we’re more wedded to the Middle East’s least stable democracy, that at the cost of billions we must hold another country’s hand. McCain is a decent person, but he’s clearly built up so much of his image as the prisoner (who was held by Vietcong after bombing civilians, mind you). He won’t win. He shouldn’t.

The Democrats shouldn’t get off easily as well. The next president will be Sen. Clinton and unfortunately, she’s more of the same. She has shown no initiative to get us out of Iraq. We’ll likely be there for another 30 years with any of these people in office.

But, at least we don’t have Rudy. My prediction: He’ll stay with is lobbying firm and there will be a rumor that he’ll run for Sen. Clinton’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat when Lt. Gov. David Paterson’s temporary term runs out (he will clearly be the appointment, and a good one at that). Rudy won’t run, because New York hates him and finally he’ll see the writing on the wall. He will get a divorce (albeit a quiet one) from Judith Nathan and likely not remarry. His political career will be over and that’s all we will really have to worry about Rudolph Giuliani…Unless there’s another terror attack between now and the time he concedes…

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He’s at it again: Rudy campaigns on 9/11

Didn’t Sen. Joe Biden say something about what the three things Rudy Giuliani fixates on? He did and he was right: it’s a noun a verb and September 11. Well, the pig was at it again, releasing a commercial this week. This thing has the cheesiness of Velveeta and is so par for the course of what this incredible loser has made the central theme of his campaign.

Posted by: rudywatcher | December 21, 2007

Even Rudy gets the flu

Apparently Rudolph the Brown  Nose Candidate gets sick. After missing Thursday while recovering from flu symptoms, Giuliani is back out on the campaign trail today.

It’s my prediction on this 21 December 2007, that Giuliani will be out of the race before the end of March. The recent surge of Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney’s popularity will keep “America’s Mayor” at bay, thankfully. Not that either Huckabee, an evolution-denying, homophobe or Romney, a war-loving ass, would be good as President. But quite frankly and somewhat superficially, Huckabee and Romney are decent people. Huckabee, despite his right wing nonsense, does seem to actually have a heart and Romney has something that appeals to voters, which goes beyond a tough guy message.

But Americans will stand for neither Huckabee nor Romney. My prediction is that John McCain will be the eventual nominee. Alright, now I’m just engaging in that racehorse nonsense that goes on on MSNBC, CNN or FOX News.

But let’s just hope that Rudy the pig is gone soon.

Posted by: rudywatcher | November 29, 2007

Could this be the scandal to sink the turd?

Since his 9/11 pandering, scurilous friendship with a mob-tied cop and overlysimplistic fear tactic campaign hasn’t managed to deter enough Republican voters from supporting Rudy Giuliani, the scandal that broke late Wednesday may just have enough impact to punch a hole in the would-be President’s run.

But why now will these revelations blast the scourage that could be the next leader of the free world? Two terms, put together explain why loud and clear: infidelity and NYPD.

It is believed that “America’s Mayor” used his security detail (comprised of NYPD officers) to cover his ass while he went to the Hamptons in faraway Suffolk County to have an affair with the women who would become his third wife, Judith Nathan.

Several weeks ago on New York 1’s Inside City Hall, political commentator and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch explained that it had been the city’s policy to provide constant security for mayors. Therefore, Giuliani’s use of the police force to provide security is not illegal or surprising for that matter. In fact, Giuliani may have done nothing illegal in his use of his armed guards to accompany him while staying with Nathan. But when America sees that to cover his cheating tracks, Giuliani (despite what he says), shifted much of the security detail’s costs to city agencies charged with overseeing rent control and providing legal counsel to indigent defendants, they may just see in full light just how turdlike this man really is.

Perhaps NewCorp, the parent organization that owns FOX News and the New York Post, is getting the message, albeit in only small doses.

Today, the nation’s oldest continuously published paper offered a story–rather short–on Giuliani’s uncanning knack for playing the 9/11 card.

The 9/11 card is of course the strongest in Giuliani’s deck. It’s the idea that if he can attach his name and his face to the worst attack on mainland soil and emphasize his leadership during and after the tragedy he will appeal to voters who are scared of things such as Islamic terrorism and national security.

Let’s face it, Giuliani, the man who Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Delaware, describes as focusing on a noun, verb and 9/11 solely, has been ramming his national security credentials down the throats of Americans for nearly six years now. And because he has been so fixated on September 11, Post reporter Carl Campinile in his brief story got it all wrong when he wrote:

    “While Giuliani’s supporters have long boasted about his performance after the attacks, he himself had not, until now, mentioned it as prominently.”


I’m sorry Mr. Campinile, but Rudy has been hammering us with this one practically since the towers came crashing down. This is nothing new. The fact that the JoinRudy 2008 campaign unveiled a TV add last week that made no mention of 9/11 practically blew me away.


After all, Giuliani has been a staunch supporter of bad ideas foreign policy ideas based on 9/11 paranoia such as invading Iraq.

It’s this writer’s opinion that NewsCorp has been grooming the “Most Dangerous Candidate in America” to suceed George W. Bush and this article is something of a noisy investigation, meant to put up a smoke screen of neutrality when in fact FOX News and the Post have been been great sounding boards for Giuliani’s 9/11 exploitation.


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Rudy’s catchall answer to every reporter’s question

On the campaign trail, Rudy Giuliani has emphasized his national security credentials perhaps more than anything else. Members of the media, pundits, politcal analysts and everyday people such as you and I have noticed this single-minded approach. Here have been some of his recent gaffes when asked questions not relating to war and terrorism:

Q: Mr. Giuliani, with so many people from the baby boomer generation retiring within the next decade, economists and financial analysts predict that the nation’s retirement system will be stretched thin in thirty years, taking in less revenue than it pays out. What is your solution to staving off these looming Social Security Administration deficits?

Q: Mr. Mayor, whoever the next President is, they will have some heavy lifting to do to repair the reputation our country has after more than five years of an unpopular war and what has been described as a unilateral foreign policy. How would you approach our battered image?

Q: Well, then if we can’t round up, prosecute and deport 12 million so-called illegal immigrants than what do you propose the federal government do about this issue, which is such a hot button issue, I must add. I mean, it’s really not going away on it’s own. What do you plan on doing?

Q: How can you, if elected to the highest office in the land, ensure quality affordable education for those lower means?

Q: The “Join Rudy 2008” campaign certain hasn’t emphasized environmental policies as central to your race. But with hard evidence demonstrating that the planet is undergoing catastrophic global change. How will you address this crucial issue of human survival?

[Rudy paused at this next series of questions and never answered them]

Q: How do we balance trade between us and the Chinese? What should a President do to cure a hurting dollar? What would you do?

[He couldn’t even give a straight answer on this softball tossed to him]

Q: We know that since you were a boy growing up in Brooklyn you’ve been a Yankees fan. But tell me, you’ve seen a lot of Yankees greats from Phil Rizzuto to Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin, Whitey Ford or say Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Don Mattingly to Ron Guidry and all the way to Derek Jeter. Without picking favorites, who have you been the most impressed with?

The first time I heard of Huckabee it was in an Economist article about American obesity. The Arkansas governor had set the example for weight loss in his state by forgoing pecan pie for healthier foods and losing as much as 100 lbs. The next I heard about him was last year when he was talking about throwing his hat in the race.

I don’t support his candidacy at all (after all, I’m a Democrat), but I’m sure this man has more credibility than Giuliani, which is a ironic because Huckabee would seemingly deny the existence of neanderthals, when he has one standing right next to him during the debates: “America’s Mayor”.

Polls show he’s pulling closer to Giuliani in Iowa. I’m sure that Rudy will have to start bashing him now, too. So, Good luck Mike!

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FOX NEWS: The key to Giuliani’s election.

Sooner or later Bernie Kerik had to fall into the toilet and float in the grubby waters next to the lumpy, slimey turd Rudolph Giuliani.

Now, it turns out another turd–perhaps the mother of all shit stains–FOX News, is falling into the bowl too (as if they weren’t already there).

Judith Regan, the onetime mistress of former police commissioner Kerik, Giuliani’s choice for Homeland Security Department director, has sued the “news” agency’s parent company NewsCorp., of damaging her reputation as a means of protecting “America’s Mayor”.

It’s a confusing situation, but one that also makes perfect sense. Kerik, while married, was boning Regan while her former company HarperCollins–a NewsCorp company–was publishing his biography. After the media exposed Kerik–who interestingly resembles in appearance and qualifications LaFours, the determined security guard from Mall Rats–as a sleeze with possible mafia ties, FOX had to do something to protect a man it has been grooming for the presidency since September 12, 2001.

That man is Rudolph Giuliani. And if Judith Regan could be discredited so too could her link with Kerik, who was arrested last week and charged with some pretty serious offenses.

I for one believe Regan’s suit has merit. FOX News has been promoting Giuliani for years. He is a frequent topic on Hannity and Colmes and other “fair and balanced” programs (see example below).

FOX News, the Republican adjunct, has promoted this slimeball because he best fits the network’s bloodlust and love of war.

The “stupider” the candidate’s message, the better he’ll serve FOX News. If the sacrifice to get Giuliani elected means locking Brian Kilmeade’s lips to Rudy’s fat ass then that will be done. FOX is the supreme dumb network and Giuliani’s message is dumb, a resounding thump over the head with fear of terror and the need for intervention in unwinnable places such as Iran. This is a network that will likely stop at nothing to promote this bag of shit. And if that means throwing Bernie under the bus by making Rudy one of his victims, they’ll do it. But first, they have to get to Regan. They have to shut her up.

I hope her lawsuit gets some more media attention. She may not be the most honest or ethical person (after all, she promoted a book by O.J. Simpson), but Rudy isn’t and his chauffer cum corrections commissioner cum police chief certainly was not. Rudy was warned by officials in the New York City government about Kerik’s ethical lapses, and there is more than ample evidence that a paper trail of their warnings and admonitions made their way to Giuliani’s desk. Still, the turd appointed him. Now he’s gotta distance himself from the other floating remnant. FOX will certainly step up and help him dodge those important questions.

Well, I suspected that Rudy would be making a trip to South Carolina, to the campus of Bob Jones University, but I apparently I was wrong…Mitt Romney apparently has the endorsement of Bob Jones (which should blow anyone’s mind away considering the former Massachusetts governor is a Mormon and the college made of angry Prostestant fundamentalists).

Instead of getting an invitation to speak from America’s most backward college, Giuliani may have the support of an even more influential figure, America’s premier religious nutjob, founder of the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson himself. As much as I dislike “America’s Mayor” for his pandering and exploitation of 9/11, I was suprised that this man could stoop to the reptilian level of actively accepting an endorsement from Robertson, a man who has dropped a lot of whoppers over the years, including one in which he said the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center was essentially caused by God.

If Americans have any question of how low Giuliani will stoop to win an election, they should have no more confusion: Rudy is a fucking snake.

What a slap in the face to all of us New Yorkers. This man is a piece of shit, plain and simple. He’s a piece of shit and he’s endorsing a piece of shit.

This is a the same fuckhead “Mayor” who supposedly lead his city after the attacks, the same attacks that propelled him to noteriety.

If this is the man to stop “Islamic fascism” then we’re all doomed. And that’s why Robertson, who believes in as Calvinist a doctrine of predestination and God’s hatred of man a person possibly can,  is supporting him; to fight men in caves with Korans and weapons.

Rudolph, the pro-abortion, thrice divorced candidate who supports the right for men and women of the same sex to be free from harassment and discrimination (for now) has his support.

Yesterday, two pieces of shit got up at a podium and spoke. Hopefully, America will smell these turds for what they are and give a resounding ‘no’.

The New York Times carried an interesting story on who Rudy Giuliani has been getting his foreign policy advice from.

Turns out that Giuliani has been reaching into the muddy, cavernous depths of the slimey neocon thinktanks to guide the creation of his foreign policy.

The sensible, rational warriors of the mind who “America’s Mayor” is getting his advice from include, but are not limited to, none other than Norman Podhoertz, who this summer in an article in Commentary magazine argued that the United State should pummell Iran with missles to prevent a nuclear showdown; David Frum, who wrote speeches for, and then a subsequent book about President Bush; and one of my personal favorites, “Israel, right or wrong” – minded, right wing media psychopath commentator Daniel Pipes, who, as the Times points out, has said that in the war on terror “all muslims (even those in America) are suspect”.

It’s great to see the top Republican candidate pulling his foreign policy ideas from the same people who pushed along the same failing, ridiculous, illegal and immoral war that our great nation has been engaged in for well over four years now. New idiot, same situation.

Of course this should be expected. How can Rudy, the so-called hero of 9/11 (hey, he watched those buildings topple, man) negotiate with our enemies? It just wouldn’t look right. This guy’s gotta show his stones, and by saying things like that America should be ready for war with Iran, this sleeze can paint himself as in the persona he loves, which is as defender of America.

Mind you, none of these brilliant foreign policy advisors has focused on the reality that our terror war (in the words of Borat) has only increased the likelihood that we’ll be hit again, perhaps worse than in 9/11.

In my mind, I really feel that although these neocon folks don’t want us to be attacked by Muslim fanatics, they also strangely benefit from it because it adds justification to the premise of their failed policies of unending engagement. Rudy is a cog in the wheel.

My favorite part of the article is that reptile cum Harvard professor, FOX news commentator, publisher William Kristol lauding Rudy’s philosophy. The viper joked that he was a part of the “card-carrying…neoconservative conspiracy”

Kristol lauded other candidates including Mitt Romney and John McCain for not buying into “any of these fundamental criticisms that Bush took us on a radically wrong path, and we have to go to a pre-9/11 foreign policy.”

Wake up Mr. Kristol, we haven’t diverged from our pre-9/11 policy, you chickenhawk coward. We’re still actively engaging headsick Islamic fundamentalists, except this time we’re swatting the hornets nest harder. Genius moves, such as invading Iraq and allowing our drones to kill innocent Pakistanis haven’t exactly helped this situation.

But that’s what Rudy wants us to believe, that he’s the one to protect us.

Sadly, the only Republican candidate to even touch on the illogical idea that invading Iraq could have perhaps imperiled our security they way it did in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005, is nothing but an afterthought, despite his growing popularity among disaffected party members and the attention some Democrats such as this writer are giving his ideas.

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