Posted by: rudywatcher | January 29, 2008

It’ll all be over soon: Rudy will be out before we know it!

Within the next week (perhaps the next 24 hours), Rudy Giuliani will fade from the national scene, hopefully for good. Today is the Florida primary and as expected, Giuliani’s strategy of focusing his attentions on a big win in that state, will be for naught.

Fellow New Yorker, John Zogby, the renowned pollster said of America’s Most Dangerous Candidate: “Giuliani is just not a factor”.

Thank God!

This blog has gone the way of so many blogs–sporadic postings and all. If it were my only blog, I suppose that would be a reflection of laziness, but since November I’ve seen the writing on the wall, that Rudolph Giuliani, the grand exploiter of the September 11 attacks, was running a campaign that was actually too stupid for the American public. There was only so far he could get running on the smoldering towers, and last week, when he released a commercial that actually had footage of the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center that received almost no attention, I knew for sure, Rudy wouldn’t make it at all.

The Daily News reported today that the pig would likely concede his campaign is a joke after the ass kicking he’s likely to receive today. On the off chance that he sticks around for Super Tuesday, it’s unlikely he’ll make it past next Wednesday! Hooray.

Yesterday, according to the article, Rudy the great exploiter, the sleezeball, shitbag, fuckhead, flew around the Sunshine State, landing briefly on tarmacs to be greated by only handfulls of reporters. I find that so hilarious. I have no sympathy for this man. He has acted like a pile of shit from Day One.

Now, what we’re left with in the Republican field is no good either. The most sensible candidate is it’s least electable (though fortunately Ron Paul did beat Rudy in two primaries). We have a right wing Bible thumping loon from the Deep South, who though certainly bearing a good heart, is not the man to be President. Then we have Mitt Romney, who has given no plan for our neccessary withdrawal from Iraq and he has no chance of beating the Democratic candidate. Finally, as I predicted before, it will be John McCain to win the nomination. This man would leave behind a decent legacy if only he would stop pandering to the crowd that thinks we’ve gained anything by committing ourselves to a third world country that hates us. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. He was right about the troop surge, but what does that mean? It just means we’re more wedded to the Middle East’s least stable democracy, that at the cost of billions we must hold another country’s hand. McCain is a decent person, but he’s clearly built up so much of his image as the prisoner (who was held by Vietcong after bombing civilians, mind you). He won’t win. He shouldn’t.

The Democrats shouldn’t get off easily as well. The next president will be Sen. Clinton and unfortunately, she’s more of the same. She has shown no initiative to get us out of Iraq. We’ll likely be there for another 30 years with any of these people in office.

But, at least we don’t have Rudy. My prediction: He’ll stay with is lobbying firm and there will be a rumor that he’ll run for Sen. Clinton’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat when Lt. Gov. David Paterson’s temporary term runs out (he will clearly be the appointment, and a good one at that). Rudy won’t run, because New York hates him and finally he’ll see the writing on the wall. He will get a divorce (albeit a quiet one) from Judith Nathan and likely not remarry. His political career will be over and that’s all we will really have to worry about Rudolph Giuliani…Unless there’s another terror attack between now and the time he concedes…


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