Posted by: rudywatcher | October 26, 2007

Rudy’s war-loving, neoconservative, hawk advisors guide his war-loving, neconservative, hawkish foreign policy

The New York Times carried an interesting story on who Rudy Giuliani has been getting his foreign policy advice from.

Turns out that Giuliani has been reaching into the muddy, cavernous depths of the slimey neocon thinktanks to guide the creation of his foreign policy.

The sensible, rational warriors of the mind who “America’s Mayor” is getting his advice from include, but are not limited to, none other than Norman Podhoertz, who this summer in an article in Commentary magazine argued that the United State should pummell Iran with missles to prevent a nuclear showdown; David Frum, who wrote speeches for, and then a subsequent book about President Bush; and one of my personal favorites, “Israel, right or wrong” – minded, right wing media psychopath commentator Daniel Pipes, who, as the Times points out, has said that in the war on terror “all muslims (even those in America) are suspect”.

It’s great to see the top Republican candidate pulling his foreign policy ideas from the same people who pushed along the same failing, ridiculous, illegal and immoral war that our great nation has been engaged in for well over four years now. New idiot, same situation.

Of course this should be expected. How can Rudy, the so-called hero of 9/11 (hey, he watched those buildings topple, man) negotiate with our enemies? It just wouldn’t look right. This guy’s gotta show his stones, and by saying things like that America should be ready for war with Iran, this sleeze can paint himself as in the persona he loves, which is as defender of America.

Mind you, none of these brilliant foreign policy advisors has focused on the reality that our terror war (in the words of Borat) has only increased the likelihood that we’ll be hit again, perhaps worse than in 9/11.

In my mind, I really feel that although these neocon folks don’t want us to be attacked by Muslim fanatics, they also strangely benefit from it because it adds justification to the premise of their failed policies of unending engagement. Rudy is a cog in the wheel.

My favorite part of the article is that reptile cum Harvard professor, FOX news commentator, publisher William Kristol lauding Rudy’s philosophy. The viper joked that he was a part of the “card-carrying…neoconservative conspiracy”

Kristol lauded other candidates including Mitt Romney and John McCain for not buying into “any of these fundamental criticisms that Bush took us on a radically wrong path, and we have to go to a pre-9/11 foreign policy.”

Wake up Mr. Kristol, we haven’t diverged from our pre-9/11 policy, you chickenhawk coward. We’re still actively engaging headsick Islamic fundamentalists, except this time we’re swatting the hornets nest harder. Genius moves, such as invading Iraq and allowing our drones to kill innocent Pakistanis haven’t exactly helped this situation.

But that’s what Rudy wants us to believe, that he’s the one to protect us.

Sadly, the only Republican candidate to even touch on the illogical idea that invading Iraq could have perhaps imperiled our security they way it did in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005, is nothing but an afterthought, despite his growing popularity among disaffected party members and the attention some Democrats such as this writer are giving his ideas.


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