Posted by: rudywatcher | December 21, 2007

Even Rudy gets the flu

Apparently Rudolph the Brown  Nose Candidate gets sick. After missing Thursday while recovering from flu symptoms, Giuliani is back out on the campaign trail today.

It’s my prediction on this 21 December 2007, that Giuliani will be out of the race before the end of March. The recent surge of Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney’s popularity will keep “America’s Mayor” at bay, thankfully. Not that either Huckabee, an evolution-denying, homophobe or Romney, a war-loving ass, would be good as President. But quite frankly and somewhat superficially, Huckabee and Romney are decent people. Huckabee, despite his right wing nonsense, does seem to actually have a heart and Romney has something that appeals to voters, which goes beyond a tough guy message.

But Americans will stand for neither Huckabee nor Romney. My prediction is that John McCain will be the eventual nominee. Alright, now I’m just engaging in that racehorse nonsense that goes on on MSNBC, CNN or FOX News.

But let’s just hope that Rudy the pig is gone soon.


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