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For once, I feel sorry for Red Sox fans…

I personally hate the Boston Red Sox…I’m a Mets fan and I will root for the Yankees over the Sox any day. Just can’t stand the prevailing Sox fan attitude of opression and hatred of New York City.

Tonight, as the Sox take the field against the Colorado Rockies in Game 1 of the World Series, I will feel a certain kinship with a likely majority of Sox fans who find it repugnant that Rudolph Giuliani pull for their team.

Said Giuliani of his politically expedient annoucement in New Hampshire yesterday, “I’m rooting for the Red Sox. I’m an American League fan, and I go with the American League team, maybe with the exception of the Mets. Maybe that would be the one time I wouldn’t because I’m loyal to New York.”

Thanks, but no thanks, “America’s Mayor”.

Us Mets fans–if we ever do see the World Series again–won’t be needing your patronage. We’re doing quite fine without you.

This really is a non-issue, as is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bogus claim to be a Yankee fan as much as a Chicago Cubs fans. But everyone knows that candidates hit little snags along the campaign trail and the war-loving, terrorism-invoking, peace-hating candidate has to show his nice side.

Mind you, Rudy will talk the talk on the World Series, but what about his plans for Iraq? Other than 9/11–the constant refrain of Giuliani–what justification do we have in being over there in the first place?

Oh well, what can I say, the man’s a weasel. It was nice to see New Yorkers reacting so harshly against Giuliani on this, but what real, prescient, issues? What about his betrayal of New York City in supporting the invasion and thus increasing the likelihood of terrorist attacks upon America? What about his idiotic refusal to place his emergency command center in any place other than the World Trade Center before 9/11? What about his plan for reviving the economy of the United States, particularly in his own home state, which has seen decades of decline?

Well, these are questions Rudy wont be asking his advisors, and will scarcely be asked. So long as the red herrings of 9/11 and baseball can be brought up, Americans will fail to see the real pig this man can be.

I’ll be rooting for the Rockies tonight, but I guarantee that there are some who will be pulling from their boys from Fenway, but with fingers pinched over their nostrills.

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Rudy on Kerik: He performed well on 9/11

Now that Rudolph Giuliani is in the national spotlight again, this time positioning himself to be the next President, he is taking heat for his association with LaFours…I mean Bernie Kerik, the former New York City Corrections Commissioner cum Police Commissioner who, it is alleged allowed for a contractor with a looming business deal with the City to do renovations to his home in the Bronx for the the hefty price of nothing but influence peddling.

Although I do enjoy heaping scorn on Rudy and must admit a scandal with his name on it makes me chuckle, I’m not sure how much people can lay on him about it. Rudy stood by Kerik in the fall of 2004, recommending him to become Homeland Security Deparment chief–a position he was woefully unqualified for–when the news came out that he had mob ties Giuliani distanced himself from his friend. As much as I think he’s a scoundrel and an idiot, I’m not quite sure Rudy would knowingly suggest someone with a criminal background to such a high post. As the New York Times pointed out yesterday, a city commission did investigate improprieties alleged against Kerik as early as eight years back, bringing them to the attention of Giuliani.

What this shows is Giuliani’s steadfast arrogance, and willingness to live in a dream world in which his allies have no flaws or their unwillingness to adhere to normal standards of governance can be overlooked.

Rudy aside, Kerik has always struck me as a bit of a sleeze. I’m not quite sure what qualified this man to train Iraqi police, but then again, he now-showed a lot on his assignment, for which he was likely paid good money. He looks like LaFours, the hardened security officer from Mallrats and I’m not quite sure he’s the brightest of political figures, but I’m sure not only himself but also Rudy hopes he dodge his conviction. After all, it wouldn’t be good for the Giuliani campaign to have that millstone around its neck.

Oh, by the way,…Did I mention Rudy, when asked about Kerik, invoked 9/11…Just thought I’d pass around the message…

The Baltimore Sun reports that Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson used his political ally, former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato as a stand in to Rudolph Giuliani during his practice for tonight’s Republican Presidential debate.

D’Amato, who spoke to a New York Post political analyst on a Tuesday morning call-in show, said he was happy to help his longtime friend prepare to challenge Giuliani in their first substantive match up since Thompson entered the campaign.

Out of his Senate seat since 1998, D’Amato is nevertheless a political force in New York State politics, an ally of former Gov. George E. Pataki, whom Giuliani refused to endorse in 1994, instead pulling for Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo. Perhaps D’Amato has an axe to grind with “America’s Mayor”.

I can only imagine what those coaching events were like and if D’Amato had to ditch his squeeky mouse voice to ape Giuliani’s slurring way of speaking.

Regardless of how his delivery was, really now, was coaching Thompson against Giuliani that hard? What is Rudy gonna come up with that’s so tricky, the man practically ties everything in his campaign to the attacks of September 11, 2001. I would be far more concerned with intelligent candidates such as John McCain and certainly Ron Paul.
Thompson surely walked all over D’Amato  cum Giuliani. This man has little to offer to Americans but proclamations of the threat of global terror and 9/11. Unfortunately, that’s good enough for some people.

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Rudy’s other phake phone call

This one is from a meeting with anti-Castro Cubans in Southern California held in June. You’ll notice the pandering. He lays it on thick.

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Rudy Giuliani: Not a 9/11 “hero”

It’s interesting to see Chris Wallace, one of the FOX flakes, taking on Rudolph Giuliani on his oft-repeated insistence that he was a brave leader before and after 9/11. This is from TheRealRudy.Org, which I think is an interesting site.

The Guardian, a fabulous British paper carried a piece today about the chances that America could elect a Mormon President. I personally don’t believe that we will do that, and I’m the first to say that I would be VERY leery of voting for a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints with high standing. I don’t care for Romney. Mormonism aside, he’s a continuation of the current strategy of endless warfare; a man who wants to further inflate the military industrial bureaucracy that so threatens our sovereignty and solvency. His Mormonism is tertiary. His agenda should be the first and foremost to be judged.

But instead of asking if we can elect a Mormon, what about questioning whether we should elevate a Moron to the highest office in the land (if you’ve been reading this page, I suppose you know who I’m talking about, and it’s not Mitt Romney).

Can we afford to elect a candidate who has but one issue to run on, and not well at that? Can we vote for a man who has shamelessly and simplistically exploited a tragedy that has left so many people confused and scared and vulnerable? Can we vote for a man who is willing to say and do anything to be elected?

Forget about the Temple ceremonies and the sacred undergarments. Remember that this is an election about character and integrity. Every time Rudolph Giuliani opens his mouth he spits on the populace, condescending us, trying to make us afraid of change, of better things, or altering our course.

Rudy may be smart. I have no doubt that he was a bright student earning a Juris Doctorate (sp.), but his message is anything but erudite. It is too idiotic and dangerously simple. Romney and Giuliani will spar against each other, posturing for the top spot in the Republican Presidential race, but let us remember that Romney’s Mormonism–no matter how bad his policies are–should take a backseat to Giuliani’s pandering and single-minded focus on terrorism and warfare. His appeal is moronic and his attitude towards the future of this nation one of indifference and scorn. Don’t let him off the hook simply because he he can drink caffeine and doesn’t belong to a cult-like religion. He’s creating a cult of personality, and so many of us are buying into it.

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Rudy: Don’t spend money, unless it’s on an impossible war

Rudy was at it again, burnishing his conservative credentials yesterday with a tax reform group, telling them that Republicans were “amateur spenders” and Democrats “professional spenders”. I wonder who thought that one up.

I think this is really funny considering Rudy’s commitment–at least while on the campaign trail–to continue a fruitless, dangerous and moreover costly war in Iraq.

I’ll pull no punches here, Rudy Giuliani is a pig. He’s a foul politician who will say anything to be elected. Sad thing is that his party is still stuck on it’s commitment to the war, which has cost more than $300 billion already. If that’s not fiscal irresponsibility than I don’t know what is. We’ve achieved few goals by having a war over there and have only succeeded in swatting the hornets nest of Islamic fanaticism and violent Arab nationalism that America’s Most Dangerous Candidate rails against.

Let’s not forget that it was the less-than-erudite pandering pol Giuliani who backed out of his commitment to the Iraq Study Group last year. Why did he do so? So that he could make for-profit speeches and stump around for his upcoming campaign.

Giuliani saw the writing on the wall, which was that the commission he was a part of may come to unsavory conclusions for his campaign. Although the group did not advocate a complete withdrawal or set a timetable for bringing down troops, it did call the war grave and said the U.S. should anticipate a time in which it can no longer be relied upon to carry out combat missions.

This man doesn’t care, either way. Don’t buy his fiscal conservative schtick. It’s a joke.

As I said in a previous blog, Rudolph Giuliani will end up toying with a trip to Bob Jones University. Sure enough, Giuliani is doing well with the folks in South Carolina, including Wesley Cox, a restaurant manager who the Boston Globe quoted as describing Giuliani as  a “come-a-you-are kind of guy.”

Hmmm, “America’s Mayor” is a straight shooter? I don’t think so. This is an overly simplistic man who can’t stay consistent on a position or justify a new idea without invoking collapsing towers.  I don’t mean to talk too much smack about the south, but I’m not surprised that Giuliani can outperform Republicans with clearer policy positions than  constantly mentioning 9/11. Personally, I think this article says it all about elections in general. People often don’t knwo what they’re voting for or why. That will play to Rudy’s advantage, so long as he can keep the image of him holding a microphone on Wall Street or a bullhorn or what have you.

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Rudy Beat 10/4/07

The New York Times examines Giuliani’s appeal among Evangelical voters. Lacking an agenda, Rudy goes on the attack against fellow vacillator Hillary Clinton.  Nationwide, voters appear to prefer Hilary to America’s Most Dangerous Candidate.

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Some Youtube of America’s Most Dangerous Candidate

Just a look at what’s on Youtube about Rudy Giuliani

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