Posted by: rudywatcher | November 15, 2007

Although I don’t support him, I hope Huckabee trounces Rudy in Iowa

The first time I heard of Huckabee it was in an Economist article about American obesity. The Arkansas governor had set the example for weight loss in his state by forgoing pecan pie for healthier foods and losing as much as 100 lbs. The next I heard about him was last year when he was talking about throwing his hat in the race.

I don’t support his candidacy at all (after all, I’m a Democrat), but I’m sure this man has more credibility than Giuliani, which is a ironic because Huckabee would seemingly deny the existence of neanderthals, when he has one standing right next to him during the debates: “America’s Mayor”.

Polls show he’s pulling closer to Giuliani in Iowa. I’m sure that Rudy will have to start bashing him now, too. So, Good luck Mike!



  1. Well, as you know if you’ve looked at my blog at all, I do support Gov. Huckabee. So, thanks for the … uhhh, … well-wishes.

    At the same time … While I don’t support any of the Democrats, if Giuliani gets the nomination, I’d rather the Dem nominee win. So, I guess we’re even.

  2. Well, I don’t support Rudy’s most likely competition if he should win the nomination, Sen. Clinton, so I certainly wouldn’t encourage a vote for either of them!

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