Posted by: rudywatcher | November 19, 2007

Can the New York Post actually offer a fair critique of Rudy’s 9/11 pandering?

Perhaps NewCorp, the parent organization that owns FOX News and the New York Post, is getting the message, albeit in only small doses.

Today, the nation’s oldest continuously published paper offered a story–rather short–on Giuliani’s uncanning knack for playing the 9/11 card.

The 9/11 card is of course the strongest in Giuliani’s deck. It’s the idea that if he can attach his name and his face to the worst attack on mainland soil and emphasize his leadership during and after the tragedy he will appeal to voters who are scared of things such as Islamic terrorism and national security.

Let’s face it, Giuliani, the man who Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Delaware, describes as focusing on a noun, verb and 9/11 solely, has been ramming his national security credentials down the throats of Americans for nearly six years now. And because he has been so fixated on September 11, Post reporter Carl Campinile in his brief story got it all wrong when he wrote:

    “While Giuliani’s supporters have long boasted about his performance after the attacks, he himself had not, until now, mentioned it as prominently.”


I’m sorry Mr. Campinile, but Rudy has been hammering us with this one practically since the towers came crashing down. This is nothing new. The fact that the JoinRudy 2008 campaign unveiled a TV add last week that made no mention of 9/11 practically blew me away.


After all, Giuliani has been a staunch supporter of bad ideas foreign policy ideas based on 9/11 paranoia such as invading Iraq.

It’s this writer’s opinion that NewsCorp has been grooming the “Most Dangerous Candidate in America” to suceed George W. Bush and this article is something of a noisy investigation, meant to put up a smoke screen of neutrality when in fact FOX News and the Post have been been great sounding boards for Giuliani’s 9/11 exploitation.




  1. NewsCorp’s love of Giuliani is pathetic …

    “Fair and balanced” like a grandmother’s review of a dance recital.

    But did you catch this story?

    Looks like everybody’s favorite philandering mayor is buddy-buddy with a pedophile priest.

    There are some other crooks listed in there, you might know a lot of the stories, but I thought you’d be interested.

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