Posted by: rudywatcher | November 29, 2007

Could this be the scandal to sink the turd?

Since his 9/11 pandering, scurilous friendship with a mob-tied cop and overlysimplistic fear tactic campaign hasn’t managed to deter enough Republican voters from supporting Rudy Giuliani, the scandal that broke late Wednesday may just have enough impact to punch a hole in the would-be President’s run.

But why now will these revelations blast the scourage that could be the next leader of the free world? Two terms, put together explain why loud and clear: infidelity and NYPD.

It is believed that “America’s Mayor” used his security detail (comprised of NYPD officers) to cover his ass while he went to the Hamptons in faraway Suffolk County to have an affair with the women who would become his third wife, Judith Nathan.

Several weeks ago on New York 1’s Inside City Hall, political commentator and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch explained that it had been the city’s policy to provide constant security for mayors. Therefore, Giuliani’s use of the police force to provide security is not illegal or surprising for that matter. In fact, Giuliani may have done nothing illegal in his use of his armed guards to accompany him while staying with Nathan. But when America sees that to cover his cheating tracks, Giuliani (despite what he says), shifted much of the security detail’s costs to city agencies charged with overseeing rent control and providing legal counsel to indigent defendants, they may just see in full light just how turdlike this man really is.


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