On a clear blue Tuesday morning in late summer 2001, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was a lame duck politician with only 111 days in office. Just months away from irrelevance, the Mayor’s political star would rise that morning as the serene Lower Manhattan skyline was pierced with two jets packed with jet fuel and innocent lives. In the hours of darkness following the September 11 attacks, Mayor Giuliani did a fabulous job of providing calm leadership in a time of great uncertainty and crisis. Then, as America began trying to rebound from the attacks, the man dubbed “America’s Mayor” would make great strides to keep himself relevent to a growing, frightened segment of society bent on major world conflict.

No other politician short of President George W. Bush has gotten as much mileage from the attacks on America as Rudolph Giuliani. And now, with one failing Presidential administration nearing its last days, Giuliani seeks to be the next man to lead the free world.

Americans concerned with substance, fairness and constitutionality in their executive should be more than leery about Giuliani. They should fear his possible ascendency to the White House. His is a campaign with no agenda, but a strategy for winning; to invoke, whenever and wherever necessary the memory of September 11, 2001. A Giuliani administration would promise more continued warfare and only strain the already injured diplomatic state of our nation. This man must be watched closely and people must know the real Giuliani. The stakes are too great to elect him.


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