Posted by: rudywatcher | November 8, 2007

Robertson and Giuliani: One war-loving psychopath embraces another

Well, I suspected that Rudy would be making a trip to South Carolina, to the campus of Bob Jones University, but I apparently I was wrong…Mitt Romney apparently has the endorsement of Bob Jones (which should blow anyone’s mind away considering the former Massachusetts governor is a Mormon and the college made of angry Prostestant fundamentalists).

Instead of getting an invitation to speak from America’s most backward college, Giuliani may have the support of an even more influential figure, America’s premier religious nutjob, founder of the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson himself. As much as I dislike “America’s Mayor” for his pandering and exploitation of 9/11, I was suprised that this man could stoop to the reptilian level of actively accepting an endorsement from Robertson, a man who has dropped a lot of whoppers over the years, including one in which he said the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center was essentially caused by God.

If Americans have any question of how low Giuliani will stoop to win an election, they should have no more confusion: Rudy is a fucking snake.

What a slap in the face to all of us New Yorkers. This man is a piece of shit, plain and simple. He’s a piece of shit and he’s endorsing a piece of shit.

This is a the same fuckhead “Mayor” who supposedly lead his city after the attacks, the same attacks that propelled him to noteriety.

If this is the man to stop “Islamic fascism” then we’re all doomed. And that’s why Robertson, who believes in as Calvinist a doctrine of predestination and God’s hatred of man a person possibly can,  is supporting him; to fight men in caves with Korans and weapons.

Rudolph, the pro-abortion, thrice divorced candidate who supports the right for men and women of the same sex to be free from harassment and discrimination (for now) has his support.

Yesterday, two pieces of shit got up at a podium and spoke. Hopefully, America will smell these turds for what they are and give a resounding ‘no’.



  1. I think you’ve summed it up pretty well.

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