Posted by: rudywatcher | November 14, 2007

FOX NEWS: The key to Giuliani’s election.

Sooner or later Bernie Kerik had to fall into the toilet and float in the grubby waters next to the lumpy, slimey turd Rudolph Giuliani.

Now, it turns out another turd–perhaps the mother of all shit stains–FOX News, is falling into the bowl too (as if they weren’t already there).

Judith Regan, the onetime mistress of former police commissioner Kerik, Giuliani’s choice for Homeland Security Department director, has sued the “news” agency’s parent company NewsCorp., of damaging her reputation as a means of protecting “America’s Mayor”.

It’s a confusing situation, but one that also makes perfect sense. Kerik, while married, was boning Regan while her former company HarperCollins–a NewsCorp company–was publishing his biography. After the media exposed Kerik–who interestingly resembles in appearance and qualifications LaFours, the determined security guard from Mall Rats–as a sleeze with possible mafia ties, FOX had to do something to protect a man it has been grooming for the presidency since September 12, 2001.

That man is Rudolph Giuliani. And if Judith Regan could be discredited so too could her link with Kerik, who was arrested last week and charged with some pretty serious offenses.

I for one believe Regan’s suit has merit. FOX News has been promoting Giuliani for years. He is a frequent topic on Hannity and Colmes and other “fair and balanced” programs (see example below).

FOX News, the Republican adjunct, has promoted this slimeball because he best fits the network’s bloodlust and love of war.

The “stupider” the candidate’s message, the better he’ll serve FOX News. If the sacrifice to get Giuliani elected means locking Brian Kilmeade’s lips to Rudy’s fat ass then that will be done. FOX is the supreme dumb network and Giuliani’s message is dumb, a resounding thump over the head with fear of terror and the need for intervention in unwinnable places such as Iran. This is a network that will likely stop at nothing to promote this bag of shit. And if that means throwing Bernie under the bus by making Rudy one of his victims, they’ll do it. But first, they have to get to Regan. They have to shut her up.

I hope her lawsuit gets some more media attention. She may not be the most honest or ethical person (after all, she promoted a book by O.J. Simpson), but Rudy isn’t and his chauffer cum corrections commissioner cum police chief certainly was not. Rudy was warned by officials in the New York City government about Kerik’s ethical lapses, and there is more than ample evidence that a paper trail of their warnings and admonitions made their way to Giuliani’s desk. Still, the turd appointed him. Now he’s gotta distance himself from the other floating remnant. FOX will certainly step up and help him dodge those important questions.



  1. If this was Clinton’s person, what would Fox News have to say?

    We both know it wouldn’t be this kind of a free pass.

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