Posted by: rudywatcher | October 14, 2007

Rudy on Kerik: He performed well on 9/11

Now that Rudolph Giuliani is in the national spotlight again, this time positioning himself to be the next President, he is taking heat for his association with LaFours…I mean Bernie Kerik, the former New York City Corrections Commissioner cum Police Commissioner who, it is alleged allowed for a contractor with a looming business deal with the City to do renovations to his home in the Bronx for the the hefty price of nothing but influence peddling.

Although I do enjoy heaping scorn on Rudy and must admit a scandal with his name on it makes me chuckle, I’m not sure how much people can lay on him about it. Rudy stood by Kerik in the fall of 2004, recommending him to become Homeland Security Deparment chief–a position he was woefully unqualified for–when the news came out that he had mob ties Giuliani distanced himself from his friend. As much as I think he’s a scoundrel and an idiot, I’m not quite sure Rudy would knowingly suggest someone with a criminal background to such a high post. As the New York Times pointed out yesterday, a city commission did investigate improprieties alleged against Kerik as early as eight years back, bringing them to the attention of Giuliani.

What this shows is Giuliani’s steadfast arrogance, and willingness to live in a dream world in which his allies have no flaws or their unwillingness to adhere to normal standards of governance can be overlooked.

Rudy aside, Kerik has always struck me as a bit of a sleeze. I’m not quite sure what qualified this man to train Iraqi police, but then again, he now-showed a lot on his assignment, for which he was likely paid good money. He looks like LaFours, the hardened security officer from Mallrats and I’m not quite sure he’s the brightest of political figures, but I’m sure not only himself but also Rudy hopes he dodge his conviction. After all, it wouldn’t be good for the Giuliani campaign to have that millstone around its neck.

Oh, by the way,…Did I mention Rudy, when asked about Kerik, invoked 9/11…Just thought I’d pass around the message…


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