Posted by: rudywatcher | October 8, 2007

Is America Ready to Elect a Mormon as a President? How about a Moron?

The Guardian, a fabulous British paper carried a piece today about the chances that America could elect a Mormon President. I personally don’t believe that we will do that, and I’m the first to say that I would be VERY leery of voting for a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints with high standing. I don’t care for Romney. Mormonism aside, he’s a continuation of the current strategy of endless warfare; a man who wants to further inflate the military industrial bureaucracy that so threatens our sovereignty and solvency. His Mormonism is tertiary. His agenda should be the first and foremost to be judged.

But instead of asking if we can elect a Mormon, what about questioning whether we should elevate a Moron to the highest office in the land (if you’ve been reading this page, I suppose you know who I’m talking about, and it’s not Mitt Romney).

Can we afford to elect a candidate who has but one issue to run on, and not well at that? Can we vote for a man who has shamelessly and simplistically exploited a tragedy that has left so many people confused and scared and vulnerable? Can we vote for a man who is willing to say and do anything to be elected?

Forget about the Temple ceremonies and the sacred undergarments. Remember that this is an election about character and integrity. Every time Rudolph Giuliani opens his mouth he spits on the populace, condescending us, trying to make us afraid of change, of better things, or altering our course.

Rudy may be smart. I have no doubt that he was a bright student earning a Juris Doctorate (sp.), but his message is anything but erudite. It is too idiotic and dangerously simple. Romney and Giuliani will spar against each other, posturing for the top spot in the Republican Presidential race, but let us remember that Romney’s Mormonism–no matter how bad his policies are–should take a backseat to Giuliani’s pandering and single-minded focus on terrorism and warfare. His appeal is moronic and his attitude towards the future of this nation one of indifference and scorn. Don’t let him off the hook simply because he he can drink caffeine and doesn’t belong to a cult-like religion. He’s creating a cult of personality, and so many of us are buying into it.



  1. No, I don’t believe that Americans are ready to elect a Mormon as President. (Thankfully!) But electing a moron? Yes, indeed, they are more than ready, having done it many times in the past. (Unfortunately.)

  2. Check out this video.

    That is what Mormonism is all about?

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

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