Posted by: rudywatcher | October 6, 2007

Rudy: Don’t spend money, unless it’s on an impossible war

Rudy was at it again, burnishing his conservative credentials yesterday with a tax reform group, telling them that Republicans were “amateur spenders” and Democrats “professional spenders”. I wonder who thought that one up.

I think this is really funny considering Rudy’s commitment–at least while on the campaign trail–to continue a fruitless, dangerous and moreover costly war in Iraq.

I’ll pull no punches here, Rudy Giuliani is a pig. He’s a foul politician who will say anything to be elected. Sad thing is that his party is still stuck on it’s commitment to the war, which has cost more than $300 billion already. If that’s not fiscal irresponsibility than I don’t know what is. We’ve achieved few goals by having a war over there and have only succeeded in swatting the hornets nest of Islamic fanaticism and violent Arab nationalism that America’s Most Dangerous Candidate rails against.

Let’s not forget that it was the less-than-erudite pandering pol Giuliani who backed out of his commitment to the Iraq Study Group last year. Why did he do so? So that he could make for-profit speeches and stump around for his upcoming campaign.

Giuliani saw the writing on the wall, which was that the commission he was a part of may come to unsavory conclusions for his campaign. Although the group did not advocate a complete withdrawal or set a timetable for bringing down troops, it did call the war grave and said the U.S. should anticipate a time in which it can no longer be relied upon to carry out combat missions.

This man doesn’t care, either way. Don’t buy his fiscal conservative schtick. It’s a joke.


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