Posted by: rudywatcher | October 5, 2007

South Carolina hick on Giuliani: “He’s a come-as-you-are kind of guy.”

As I said in a previous blog, Rudolph Giuliani will end up toying with a trip to Bob Jones University. Sure enough, Giuliani is doing well with the folks in South Carolina, including Wesley Cox, a restaurant manager who the Boston Globe quoted as describing Giuliani as  a “come-a-you-are kind of guy.”

Hmmm, “America’s Mayor” is a straight shooter? I don’t think so. This is an overly simplistic man who can’t stay consistent on a position or justify a new idea without invoking collapsing towers.  I don’t mean to talk too much smack about the south, but I’m not surprised that Giuliani can outperform Republicans with clearer policy positions than  constantly mentioning 9/11. Personally, I think this article says it all about elections in general. People often don’t knwo what they’re voting for or why. That will play to Rudy’s advantage, so long as he can keep the image of him holding a microphone on Wall Street or a bullhorn or what have you.


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