Posted by: rudywatcher | October 4, 2007

Archbishop to Rudy: No Communion wafer for you!

Poor Rudy. The little boy who wanted to become a priest but instead became a lawyer and then a prosecutor and then a mayor and then an expert on national security who will protect us from terrorists, is being threatened by a prelate in the Roman Catholic Church.

Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis says that he will not give Giuliani the Blessed Sacrament should the Republican Presidential candidate come to his Archdiocese for Mass.

The heart of the Roman Catholic Mass being Holy Communion, to be denied it is akin to being shunned by one’s family.

The Archbishop’s reason for denying Giuliani the wafer: his pro-choice stance on abortion.

America’s Most Dangerous Candidate deflected Burke’s order saying only, “Archbishops have a right to their opinion, you know. There’s freedom of religion in this country.”

Although I would agree with Giuliani that Burke has every right to deny him the Sacrament, I have one gripe with Burke, who did this to 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry. Why doesn’t his eminence ban Holy Communion for war supporters. After all, it was the wish of the late Pope John Paul II that President George W. Bush not invade–and subsequently destroy–Iraq.

Of course Bush is not a Roman Catholic and instead alligns himself with milenialists and rapture people, but there are plenty of Catholic politicians who have sanctimoniously followed him down the road of war, including Kerry, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback. outgoing New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici and others.

On this issue, I have to say Rudy may be getting the sharper end of the stick. But hey, he wants an endless war in Iraq too.



  1. Being that War against a Tyranical nation is different from the slaughter of Millions of unborn children I am afraid that you have no case here.

    Any person who knows anything about the Catholic Church knows that

    1.) On matters of which nation should go to war the Church can and does have an opinion. But does not refuse the Sacraments to those who do go to war even if it is an unjust cause for war.

    2.) On matters of Faith and Morality the Church does have the power to Refuse Sacraments to those who hold unmoral beliefs or Evil stances.

    Any Bishop, or Priest who gives Rudy Giuliany or any other Pro-Choice “Catholic” the Sacraments is going against the teachings of Rome and should be corrected.
    But the Church is right now to involved with taking care of helping Millions of people in Third World countries rather than stopping Bishops and Priests from doing what they should do and not blaspheming against God by giving Communion to the Pro-Choice.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone but the Truth is is You can not be Pro-Choice and Catholic. You automatically excommunicate yourself when you do so.

    That is why I ask you not to call Giuliany a Catholic being that he is not one.

    In Christ

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