Posted by: rudywatcher | September 28, 2007

Rudy’s definately in store for a trip to Bob Jones University

South Carolina have residents ponied up more than $300,000 to the Join Rudy 2009 campaign. Recognizing the support that people in the Dixie State are giving him, you have to wonder if Rudy will make a visit to Bob Jones University.

I personally would not be suprised if Giuliani speaks there. Let’s face it, Bible beating red necks make up a HUGE part of the Republican ticket. We’ve seen him pander to the NASCAR crowd, attending a race in New Hampshire and schmoozing with racers.

While there, the bootlicking would-be President offered up this gem about the horribly illegal and illigocial (not to mention insane) decision to invade Iraq:

“For me, the Iraq war was about removing a pillar of Islamic terrorism, Saddam Hussein, Iraq…in the present condition that it is in, cannot offer the kind of support to Islamic terrorism that it could in the past.”


So don’t be surprised if you see more of Giuliani at events you may not expect to see an Northeastern, liberal-minded politician to be in, like a rodeo (Rudy in a ten-gallon hat), an air show (America’s Mayor in a flight suit) and certainly Rudy at the pulpit of a Southern Baptist, anti-Catholic institution such as Bob Jones University (Giuliani with a pompador hairdo).

It’s coming, I guarantee it. If not Bob Jones, than Liberty University.



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