Posted by: rudywatcher | September 26, 2007

Giuliani fundraiser bringing rebuke. Where’s Hannity?

I haven’t heard of bootlicker Sean Hannity condemning Rudolph Giuliani for his less-than vocal rebuke of a fundraiser being held in Palo Alto, CA in which backers of “America’s Mayor” are asked to donate $9.11 for a seat.

Of course I’m not surprised that Giuliani wouldn’t. Candidates are often leery of upsetting their supporters and he is no different (despite what he may say). But even if FOX News and others who may be otherwise inclined to bash a Democratic candidate over the MoveOn.Org advertisement with General Petraeus, aren’t saying anything, some people are. The International Association of Fire Fighters has condemned the manipulative, exploitive and ultimately redundant Giluliani for his piggish profiteering offf of 9/11. Giuliani of course is no ultimately responsible for his donors, but as Connecticut U.S. Senator Chris Dodd pointed out, Giuliani went after Democratic candidates for not jumping to lash out at MoveOn.Org.

Here’s some of the other coverage this story has gotten:

 BBC  Baltimore Sun

I’ll add more.

I’ve noticed Rudy’s lapdog the cowardly Sean Hannity has said nothing, this just days after devoting some of his ridiculously moronic television show, Hannity’s America to showing the world how evil MoveOn.Org is.



  1. Hannity, criticize Giuliani? Bah … not gonna happen. He wants to make sure that he’s been firmly behind whoever wins the nomination.

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