Posted by: rudywatcher | September 25, 2007

Rudy states his position on guns: 9/11 changed everything man

I personally am not opposed to citizens owning most guns. However, I’m not running a campaign. If I were, I wold like to think that I could come up with a better reason to support the Second Amendment right to bear arms than this: 9/11.

Giuliani had to set the record on his newfound gun enthusiam, so what better way than to do what Rudy does better than anyone else: Talk about 9/11.

In an interview published today by the Associated Press, America’s Mayor expounded on his support of guns by being perhaps a little more articulate.

Said Rudy:

“I think, after September 11 — I mean I probably would have had the same impression before, I’m not sure — but after September 11, all that seemed much more powerful to me,” Giuliani said.
Well, there we have it. Rudy’s got 9/11 on his mind again…and guns.



  1. […] it was a few days before 9/11, which probably changed his mind about this … as it did about gun rights […]

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