Posted by: rudywatcher | September 24, 2007

Trying to emphasize he’s not a total wussbag, Rudy embraces guns

Rudy Giuliani was again burnishing his newfound conservative credentials at a National Rifle Association meeting in Washington, D.C. with other candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination. To defuse flak for his once litigious and restrictive view on guns, Giuliani framed the issue in terms of being the mayor of New York City. Governing in a large metropolitan area such as the Big Apple, according to Rudy, required that be become a bedwetting, gun manfacturer-suing pissant…Of course, the former Hizzoner didn’t use those terms. But as he always plays to the lowest common denominator, Giuliani certainly was thinking of the gun rack, mudflap “these colors don’t run” contigency who he wants so eagerly to impress.

In condescending the hoi polloi in the hopes of winning support for your campaign or ideas (I’m not sure I can spell that right) one must not forget to invoke 9/11 and nobody does a better job of reminding us of the burning buildings, office workers waving white towels or plunging from 1,000 feet above hard pavement than Rudolph Giuliani. No one.

Here’s how he exploited the attacks:

“[September 11] casts somewhat of a different light on Second Amendment rights; it maybe highlights the neccessity for them more.”

In articulate, vague and but evocative of the worst terror attacks on American soil. Score one for Rudy. Unfortunately for Giuliani, his Republican opponents weren’t buying it. America’s Mayor has, among other credibility gaps, a big one when it comes to guns.

I’d have loved to ask him how he thought a Glock or assault weapon, purchased with as minimal a background check as possible would have prevented the very attacks that propelled him to national stardom.
During his address, the mayor, who is also eager to burnish his newfound credentials as a devoted husband, answered a phone call from his wife Judith Nathan and then, according to a New York Post article, made a joke about married life to lukewarm laughter. Good to see some folks are dead to Giuliani. Not even a big flipflopping on the gun issue will pry their suspicions of the would-be president from their cold dead hands.


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