Posted by: rudywatcher | September 24, 2007

Rudy rocks (and condescends) at Freedom Concert

Here’s Rudy from summertime at a Fredeom Concert in Cincinnati. For those of you who may not know, Freedom Concerts are those benefit concerts that are sponsored by one of America’s worst people, Sean Hannity. A lot of tacky country acts like Montgomery Gentry and Charlie Daniels and Gretchen Wilson sing for flag waving folks and get patriotic (although their patriotism is more like blind, ignorant allegiance). Hannity, with guests like Oliver North and Newt Gingrich and yes, Rudy Giuliani cheerlead the condescended morons in the crowd. The only good that comes out of these events is the cash, which Hannity sends to the families of fallen Armed Service members so that their children may have college scholarships. Mind you, Hannity’s pompous act and the slobbering Giuliani would be unneccessary (which is not to even mention the horrid music) if we weren’t engaged in an illegal war in in Iraq that threatens our Constitution. But then again, these people are like Giuliani, they are ahistorical and couldn’t care about the Constitution.

While he addressed the crowd, Giuliani said America was a country of freedom and peace and we only are trying to bring those virtues to the rest of the world (presumably through unilateralism and outright violence).

Some gems Giuliani gave the troops via a largely ignorant redneck crowd:

“Do not let these defeatists, these politicians get to you…”

“There is nothing wrong with the morale of the American troops. There is something wrong with the morale of some American politicians.”

To the troops, “We are here. We support you.”

Here’s some footage of our boot licking Mayor of America, talking down to those in the crowd:



  1. Oh, come on … Montgomery Gentry isn’t that bad.

    Other than that, I’m right with you.

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