Posted by: rudywatcher | September 24, 2007

Hey, vote for this guy, he’s so real he answers his cellphone during a speech.

An ABC news story ponders whether or not the phone call Rudolph Giuliani received while delivering an address to the National Rifle Association.

Here’s my view: Clearly a person who operates a Web log called Rudywatcher and says that Giuliani is the most dangerous candidate in America, will never support the guy’s campaign and clearly now I’m not going to do so. Of course he’s full of sh*t. This is classic Giuliani for you, fraudulant, cosmetic and eager to please.

I’m just amazed that anyone could care or be impressed at his simple man guise. This is Rudolph Giuliani. He’s had not one, or two but instead three wives in his lifetime. I can’t wait for more of this stupidity, because being somewhat bored during the day, it gives me something to write about.

Maybe I could get Rudy’s number. If I did I’d ask him if he planned on invoking 9/11 during his speech and if so, how many times.


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