Posted by: rudywatcher | September 23, 2007

What’s worse, an ad or the war?

I’m not a supporter of Hilary Clinton. I never thought it was her place to come into New York State and run for Senator. After all, she was never a New Yorker. On the other hand, were 2000 to be played all over again and Rudy Giuliani not had prostate cancer–and extramarital affairs–to derail his Senate campaign, I suppose a vote for Clinton would be neccessary.

Gutless Rudy was trying to keep himself relevant early this month, attacking Sen. Clinton for not condemning MoveOn.Org for it’s General Betray Us advertisement in the New York Times. It’s funny how far a man without an agenda will go to keep his name–and his mug–in the spotlight. What does he do but call out demand that Senator Clinton denounce the liberal activist group. When she doesn’t he gets what he wants which is to accuse her of betraying the nation. Other mindless people eat it up, and he earns praise from his camp.

That Senator Clinton, another “consummate” politician in the vein of Giuliani, could have the stones to put tough questions to Gen. David Petraeus is important and should be applauded. As a member of the Armed Services Committee, it is her job to get honest answers from the man charged with the chaos in Baghdad. So what does Giuliani do? He goes after her for that too.

We will see, as this campaign goes along, that Rudolph Giuliani, instead of supplementing his criticism of Clinton and other Democrats who want to bring an end to the war with a reasonable, coherent plan, will continue throwing out red herrings and diversions, attacking with venom to garner favor and mask over the fact that his is a vacuous campaign, built largely on nothing.


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