Posted by: rudywatcher | September 23, 2007

The worm turns: Rudy and the Mexicans and al Qaeda sweeping across the border

A lot is being said about the chameleons in the Republican race, skin changers such as Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani, who in recent months have repudiated some of their liberal credentials, particularly their support for abortion (an issue, I must admit I can’t make my mind up on), gay rights, guns and now immigration.

Youtube proliferation has put Romney on the fence over his newfound conservatism and the same goes for Giuliani. Both men love cameras and there’s plenty of footage to show what they think or thought about certain issues to contrast with current positions.

The Los Angeles Times ran a piece about Giuliani’s newfound toughness on illegal immigrants. Whereas once Giuliani, the decendent of Italian immigrants, relied upon the huddled masses for some of his political support, he is now in favor of using the age old “new” technological advancement of a wall to keep illegals out, and perhaps turban-wearing terrorists who happen to sneak across the border along side of Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatamalans, Salvadorans and anyone else enticed by the United States in the globalizing world.

Doubtless, as we move closer to primary season the Jorge Garcias of the impoverished Latin America who make the crossing will be more and more like the Ramzi Yousef’s of the Arab Muslim world and Giuliani can be expected to be the driving force behind that unfair backlash. Watch him invoke 9/11 to justify a border fence or high tech gadgets. Watch him dismiss his old views. Certainly, the smart money is on that.


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