Posted by: rudywatcher | September 23, 2007

Pigs don’t sweat, but Giuliani does

Anyone who has been following former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s quest for the Republican presidential nomination and ultimate ascension to the White House has undoubtedly seen this video:



If you haven’t, here’s a brief explanation: In May 2007 FOX News Network televised a Republican Presidential Debate from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.


Standing a decommissioned Air Force one, nearly a dozen candidates for varying ages and experience expounded on why he was the right man to lead our nation. Party debates are always humorous, with candidates often cartoonishly jockeying for favor among donors and the general public. This night was little different as very different candidates sparred over an issue so few Republican politicians have been able to honestly assess: Iraq.


During the debate, U.S. Rep Ron Paul of Texas gave a cogent, polite and historical basis for his opposition to invading Iraq, but in doing so he stepped on the toes of Giuliani by invoking the cash cow of “America’s Mayor”, 9/11.


Giuliani, ever the politician, blowhard and bullshit artist, chose instead to score his political coin by painting Paul as a lunatic for his assertion that the attacks were the result of an interventionist policy towards the Middle East, the fractious region that is unified by one thing, which is a hatred of the United States. Paul’s reasoning was sound and grounded in logic and supported by findings from the Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, which emphasized that Osama bin Laden’s very own stated reason for the attacks against the World Trade Center and Pentagon were retaliation for our presence in Saudi Arabia and our unwavering support of Israel, no matter what. Giuliani, as you will see in the video, scored a round of applause in dodging Paul’s point. Instead, he fell back on what Rudy Giuliani always will which is his experience in 9/11.


It was at this moment that I decided this man truly had nothing to offer this country. On the contrary, an America with Giuliani in the White House is one that will continue to endure the dual beatings of a lack of credibility in the world as well as the increased risk of a terrorist attack from hateful and bellicose man’s frightening policies.


Rudy Giuliani, dubbed America’s Mayor, should never become Commander and Chief of all of our nation. In my view, he is a demagogue and a bully. The smiling mayor who invokes the September attacks is a man who will undoubtedly destroy any shred of credibility we have left as a nation.


Most frightening, polls show him leading his field and moving closer to success. America cannot and should not even have Rudolph Giuliani come anywhere near the White House. He is the epitome of someone who will say and do anything to get elected, whether it is invoking the burning towers and hundreds of firefighters, police and office workers who lost their lives or traveling 3,000 miles to England to announce he would be the man to take on Iran, America does not need Rudy Giuliani.


I stand by my belief that this man has exploited his experience on 9/11. Unfortunately, so many Americans—particularly Republicans—are unwilling to see this venom-spewing snake for what he is. He exploits the attacks. Although I wont go as far as to say he would want them to happen, he has certainly boosted his profile by repeatedly mentioning them, constructing a persona around the events and tragedy. Rudy Giuliani is a pig when it comes to 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, from the Lower Manhattan to building tops in the South Bronx saw the attacks unfold with their own eyes (I didn’t. I was asleep at my apartment in Brooklyn). Rudy is not special in that regard. By his logic, there should be 600,000 candidates. Rudy may have provided leadership in the hours and days that followed the collapse of both buildings (remember: “It is too much to bear”), but he is no statesman and certainly no president.

This Web log will be devoted to tracking Giuliani from day-to-day and providing an insight and analysis into the mayor that many Americans are too afraid to criticize. Although pigs do not sweat, Rudy Giuliani does. If asked the right questions by an engaged populace he may drown under his perspiration, for this man is truly bad for America.


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